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Antonio Belpaese is one of the playable characters in Vampire Survivors. He is the character that every player begins with and he is the only free character in the game. His starting weapon is the Whip.

Passive bonuses

Antonio starts with +20 Max Health and +1 Armor. He gains +10% Might every 10 levels until level 50. The maximum Might gained this way is +50%.

The following table shows how much Might he gains by level:

Levels Might
1-9 0%
10-19 +10%
20-29 +20%
30-39 +30%
40-49 +40%
50+ +50%



  • Antonio's family name Belpaese is derived from the phrase Bel Paese, which is Italian for "beautiful country", and also refers to a semi-soft Italian cheese of the same name.
  • Antonio's family name, overall design, and use of a whip as his primary weapon are all nods to the Belmont family, the clan of vampire slayers known for slaying Dracula several times in the Castlevania series.