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Bianca Ramba is one of the playable characters in Vampire Survivors. Her starting weapon is Carréllo.


The player can unlock this character by killing a total of 3000 Milk Elementals then purchasing with Gold Coin.png 500, which scales with other characters purchased.

Alternatively, Ramba can be unlocked in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane by casting the Spell "carramba".

Passive bonuses

Ramba gains +1 Amount every 20 levels until level 60. The maximum Amount gained this way is +3.

The following table shows how much Amount she gains by level:

Levels Amount
1-19 0
20-39 +1
40-59 +2
60+ +3


  • Ramba has no bonuses before level 20, making her particularly hard to start with compared to other characters. At level 20, Ramba, along with Mortaccio, Cavallo, and O'Sole, will be comparable to Gennaro, as both have +1 Amount.
  • Ramba, Mortaccio, Cavallo and O'Sole all have identical passives and stats and only differ in starting weapons.



  • Ramba, Mortaccio, Cavallo, O'Sole, and Ambrojoe are able to get the highest persistent Amount in the game at level 60 with 2 levels of Duplicator and the Amount PowerUp, adding a total of +6 projectiles to all applicable weapons.
    • Ambrojoe gains +10 Amount as a starting bonus, but quickly loses said Amount as they level up.