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Characters are what the player controls to move around in a stage. Each character starts with its own unique weapon(s) and passive bonus.

There are currently 82 official playable characters, 18 of which are secret characters, and 37 of which being DLC characters. All non-secret characters need to be purchased using gold, increased by 10% additively per characters purchased, with the exception of Antonio, being the first basic character a new player uses, and Queen Sigma, who requires an achievement but costs 0 gold to purchase. Some of these characters require an achievement to unlock for purchase.

Standard characters[]

The unlock conditions for each character can be found in the Unlocks-menu.

Base game[]

Legacy of the Moonspell[]

Tides of the Foscari[]

Emergency Meeting[]

Operation Guns[]

Secret characters[]

Secret characters are "secret" in that their unlock conditions are only present in the secret menu, and said menu only gives somewhat ambiguous hints. The unlock methods include killing certain (hidden) enemies and finding Easter eggs in reference to other video game franchises.