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Clock Lancet is a supporting weapon in Vampire Survivors. It is the starting weapon of Iguana Gallo Valletto. It is unlocked by collecting a Orologion for the first time.

Clock Lancet can be evolved into Infinite Corridor with Silver Ring and Gold Ring both at max level.


Clock Lancet fires a line of freezing beam around the player in twelve directions clockwise one at a time. The freezing beam does no damage, but will freeze any enemy it hits.

Bonuses to Duration will add to the time enemies are frozen. Bonuses to Cooldown will increase the fire rate of the weapon.


Selecting Out of Bounds (XII) Arcana allows the freezing beam to create explosions when they hit enemies.


Clock Lancet has 7 levels. At max level, Clock Lancet has +4 seconds to effect Duration and -1 second to Cooldown.

Level 1 "Chance to freeze enemies in time."
Level 2 Effect lasts 1.0 seconds longer.
Level 3 Cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds.
Level 4 Effect lasts 1.0 seconds longer.
Level 5 Effect lasts 1.0 seconds longer.
Level 6 Cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds.
Level 7 Effect lasts 1.0 seconds longer.

Limit Break

With Limit Break, Clock Lancet can be further leveled up.

Description Rarity Max Total
Duration +100ms 1 10 seconds


See Combos for a list of all item interactions.

Stats and passive items

Sprite-Hollow Heart.png Sprite-Empty Tome.png Sprite-Bracer.png Sprite-Candelabrador.png Sprite-Clover.png Sprite-Spellbinder.png Sprite-Spinach.png Sprite-Pummarola.png Sprite-Attractorb.png Sprite-Armor.png Sprite-Duplicator.png
Sprite-Clock Lancet.png ✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
Sprite-Crown.png Sprite-Tiragisú.png Sprite-Stone Mask.png Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png Sprite-Wings.png Sprite-Candelabrador.png Sprite-Spellbinder.png
Sprite-Silver Ring.png
Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png
Sprite-Gold Ring.png
Sprite-Hollow Heart.png Sprite-Pummarola.png
Sprite-Metaglio Left.png
Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png
Sprite-Metaglio Right.png
Sprite-Bracer.png Sprite-Candelabrador.png Sprite-Spellbinder.png Sprite-Spinach.png Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png
Sprite-Torrona's Box.png
Sprite-Infinite Corridor.png
Sprite-Infinite Corridor.png


Sprite-Game Killer.png Sprite-Gemini.png Sprite-Twilight Requiem.png Sprite-Tragic Princess.png Sprite-Awake.png Sprite-Chaos in the Dark Night.png Sprite-Sarabande of Healing.png Sprite-Iron Blue Will.png Sprite-Mad Groove.png Sprite-Arcana back desaturated.png Sprite-Beginning.png
Sprite-Clock Lancet.png ✔️
Sprite-Waltz of Pearls.png Sprite-Out of Bounds.png Sprite-Arcana back desaturated.png Sprite-Jail of Crystal.png Sprite-Disco of Gold.png Sprite-Slash.png Sprite-Lost & Found Painting.png Sprite-Boogaloo of Illusions.png Sprite-Heart of Fire.png Sprite-Silent Old Sanctuary.png Sprite-Arcana back desaturated.png
✔️ N/A ✔️
  1. Increase explosion area from Out of Bounds (XII)
  2. Increase explosion damage from Out of Bounds (XII)
  3. Increase explosion damage from Out of Bounds (XII)
  4. Affected by Duration
  5. Affected by Duration
  6. Indirectly affected by bonuses to Duration
  7. Indirectly affected by bonuses to Duration
  8. Indirectly affected by bonuses to Cooldown


  • The freezing beam travels around the player like a clock, shooting out at "12 o'clock," then at "1 o'clock," and so on. This means the freezing beam only has 12 directions it can fire. This also makes the freezing beam very predictable.
  • It is possible to keep freezing the same enemy multiple times. This is especially useful for bosses and Death.
  • Frozen enemies cannot damage the player, so it is safe to touch them.
  • Enemies become more vulnerable to freezing if the character has Garlic or Soul Eater.
  • Since it doesn't do damage, it cannot be used on its own and instead acts as a supporting weapon. It is best when using weapons that lack crowd control, as it can help stop the player from being swarmed.


  • The combined description of Silver Ring and Gold Ring (passive items needed to evolve the Clock Lancet) is "Wear with Clock Lancet", which is a reference to "Wear in Clock Tower", the combined description of the Silver and Gold Rings in the game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  • Clock Lancet and Laurel are the only weapons that each requires 2 passive items at max level to be evolved.
  • Clock Lancet and Laurel are the only weapons with max level 7 instead of the usual 8.