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Concetta Caciotta is one of the playable characters in Vampire Survivors. Her starting weapon is Shadow Pinion.


Concetta is unlocked for purchase by finding her coffin in the Gallo Tower. The coffin is located in a hidden room, and is entered via a mirror on the left side of the tower near the coffin. She must then be purchased for Sprite-Gold Coin 1,000, which scales with other characters purchased.

Alternatively, Concetta can be unlocked in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane by casting the Spell "ifeellovevenus".

Passive bonuses[]

Concetta gains +1% Area every level. There is no cap on this bonus. She also starts with +20% Movement Speed and +10% Curse.


  • Concetta has little bonus at the start of the game and her passive ability is outclassed by Porta Ladonna until level 31. The uncapped nature of this bonus means weapons like Garlic, Santa Water, and Song of Mana can be extremely effective at high levels.
  • Shadow Pinion can be a difficult weapon to use, at the start of a run you can move in a small circle without stopping to create a good defensive wall. It will sometimes be better to keep moving and not release the pinions if you are getting overwhelmed by enemies.



  • "Concetta" is an Italian female name. It means conceived, a reference to the Immaculate Conception.
  • "Caciotta" is a type of cheese.
  • Concetta shares several traits with other coffin characters. See Coffin § Traits for more details.
    • However, her theme "Peji Eighteen" is not referencing the weapon. This is a reference to the PEGI rating system, the European system for video game content ratings.
    • She and Zi'Assunta Belpaese are the only coffin characters that start with +10% Curse.
  • Concetta could be a reference to Eddie / Zato-ONE from the Guilty Gear franchise, with whom she shares many similarities.
    • Both have pointy black wings, a black bodysuit, and long hair.
    • Both can fight by summoning black drills made from shadows from the ground.
    • Guilty Gear is a heavy metal themed fighting game, and Concetta wields an electric guitar.
    • Both suffer from a curse.