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Laurel is a supporting weapon in Vampire Survivors. It is the starting weapon of Divano Thelma. It is unlocked by default, and can be offered to the player from the start.

Laurel can be evolved into Crimson Shroud with Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right both at max level.


Laurel creates a shield that protects from damage and briefly makes the player invulnerable upon triggering. The shield's color changes based on the charges, one is blue, two is green, and three is yellow.

Laurel only benefits from bonuses to Cooldown.


The Laurel has 7 levels. At level 7, Laurel has -2 seconds of Cooldown, +0.8 seconds of invulnerability and 2 additional charges.

Level 1 "Shields from damage while active."
Level 2 Cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds. Shield invulnerability increased by 0.2 seconds.
Level 3 Cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds. Shield invulnerability increased by 0.2 seconds.
Level 4 Gains 1 additional charge.
Level 5 Cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds. Shield invulnerability increased by 0.2 seconds.
Level 6 Cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds. Shield invulnerability increased by 0.2 seconds.
Level 7 Gains 1 additional charge.

Limit Break

Laurel does not benefit from Limit Break.


See Combos for a list of all item interactions.

Stats and passive items

Sprite-Hollow Heart.png Sprite-Empty Tome.png Sprite-Bracer.png Sprite-Candelabrador.png Sprite-Clover.png Sprite-Spellbinder.png Sprite-Spinach.png Sprite-Pummarola.png Sprite-Attractorb.png Sprite-Armor.png Sprite-Duplicator.png
Sprite-Laurel.png ✔️
Sprite-Crown.png Sprite-Tiragisú.png Sprite-Stone Mask.png Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png Sprite-Wings.png Sprite-Candelabrador.png Sprite-Spellbinder.png
Sprite-Silver Ring.png
Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png
Sprite-Gold Ring.png
Sprite-Hollow Heart.png Sprite-Pummarola.png
Sprite-Metaglio Left.png
Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png
Sprite-Metaglio Right.png
Sprite-Bracer.png Sprite-Candelabrador.png Sprite-Spellbinder.png Sprite-Spinach.png Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png
Sprite-Torrona's Box.png
Sprite-Crimson Shroud.png
Sprite-Crimson Shroud.png


Sprite-Game Killer.png Sprite-Gemini.png Sprite-Twilight Requiem.png Sprite-Tragic Princess.png Sprite-Awake.png Sprite-Chaos in the Dark Night.png Sprite-Sarabande of Healing.png Sprite-Iron Blue Will.png Sprite-Mad Groove.png Sprite-Arcana back desaturated.png Sprite-Beginning.png
Sprite-Laurel.png N/A
Sprite-Waltz of Pearls.png Sprite-Out of Bounds.png Sprite-Arcana back desaturated.png Sprite-Jail of Crystal.png Sprite-Disco of Gold.png Sprite-Slash.png Sprite-Lost & Found Painting.png Sprite-Boogaloo of Illusions.png Sprite-Heart of Fire.png Sprite-Silent Old Sanctuary.png Sprite-Arcana back desaturated.png
N/A ✔️
  1. Indirectly affected by bonuses to Cooldown


  • With -87.5% Cooldown and Laurel at Level 6+, the Cooldown is fast enough to recharge the shield before the invulnerability ends effectively making the character invincible.
  • Laurel is a great weapon to take when you already have 4 or 5 good weapons and you are set for the run. Its extra protection may seem useless if you are already killing everything before you take damage, but its automatic nature protects from stupid mistakes and being overwhelmed.
  • Laurel used to prevent retaliation explosions from NO FUTURE and Heart of Fire (XIX). Since 0.6.1, as one of the effect from Crimson Shroud is triggering an explosion when a charge is used, all of them are changed to remove this anti-synergy.


  • This weapon is inspired by the laurel item from the Castlevania series. It also provides invulnerability and the icon is similar to herb from Castlevania Chronicles.
  • Despite having a value for damage, it is not used for anything.
  • Laurel used to have a placeholder evolution with the codename "THORNS". Its Area is increased by 10% compare to Laurel and presumably will deal retaliation damage while in contact with enemies. This has been removed in the 0.6.1 update and replaced by Crimson Shroud as the actual evolution.
  • Laurel and Clock Lancet are the only weapons that each requires 2 passive items at max level to be evolved.
  • Laurel and Clock Lancet are the only weapons with max level 7 instead of the usual 8.