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Sprite-Milky Way Map

Permanently enables the map in the pause menu.

Milky Way Map is a relic located in Dairy Plant. Once collected, it permanently unlocks a viewable map in the pause menu. The map displays the locations of some pickups, treasure chests, stage items, and relics in any stage.

A "Show Guides"/"Hide Guides" button is also added to the pause menu, which, when toggled on, displays an arrow pointing to each item with that item's icon.


Milky Way Map is located to the far south of the starting area in Dairy Plant. Its location is tracked by a green arrow on the player's screen. Once Milky Way Map has been collected, it will no longer appear on the map.

Alternatively, the Milky Way Map can be unlocked in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane by casting the Spell "leadmetothecheese".


  • The spell "leadmetothecheese" is a reference to the Cheese item on the same stage that you can only see the location of if you have the Map, it leads to a secret that unlocks a secret character.
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