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Spinach is a passive item that increases all damage done.

Passive items are non-weapon items that give the player bonuses to their stats, similar to PowerUps. They are offered to the player alongside weapons whenever the player levels up.

The player can select up to 6 different passive items from level ups, but it is possible to carry more by picking up passive items that generate with the stage. Most passive items must be unlocked before they can be offered to the player.

All passive items can be used to evolve a particular normal weapon each to a stronger one.

See Combos page for a list of which Weapon and Arcana is affected by stats and their corresponding passive items, PowerUps, and Arcana.


There are 17 normal types of passive items in the game. Additionally, 4 special passive items are unlocked after obtaining the Yellow Sign, that also cannot be initially obtained from level ups.

List of Passive Items
Icon Item Description Max level Rarity Effects Unlock requirements
Spinach Raises inflicted damage by 10%. 5 100 Unlocked by default
Armor Reduces incoming damage by 1. Increases retaliatory damage by 10%. 5 100 Unlocked by default
Sprite-Hollow Heart.png
Hollow Heart Augments max health by 20%. 5 90 Survive for 1 minute as any character
Pummarola Character recovers 0.2 HP per second. 5 90 Survive for 5 minutes as Gennaro Belpaese
Sprite-Empty Tome.png
Empty Tome Reduces weapons cooldown by 8%. 5 50 Have 6 different weapons simultaneously
Candelabrador Augments area of attacks by 10%. 5 100 Level up the Santa Water to level 4
Bracer Increases projectiles speed by 10%. 5 100 Level up the King Bible to level 4
Spellbinder Increases duration of weapon effects by 10%. 5 100 Level up the Runetracer to level 7
Duplicator Weapons fire more projectiles. 2 50 Level up the Magic Wand to level 7
Wings Character moves 10% faster. 5 50 Reach level 5 as any character
Attractorb Character pickups items from further away. 5 100 Pick up a Vacuum
Clover Character gets 10% luckier. 5 100 Pick up a Little Clover
Crown Character gains 8% more experience. 5 80 Reach level 10 as any character
Sprite-Stone Mask.png
Stone Mask Character earns 10% more coins. 5 80 Unlocked by picking it up in Inlaid Library (details on item page)
Tiragisú Character revives with 50% health once. 2 40 Unlocked by surviving for 20 minutes with Krochi
Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png
Skull O'Maniac Increases enemy speed, health, quantity, and frequency by 10%. 5 40 Unlocked by surviving for 30 minutes with Lama
Sprite-Silver Ring.png
Silver Ring Wear ... Clock ... 9 10 Unlocked after obtaining Yellow Sign
Sprite-Gold Ring.png
Gold Ring ... With ... Lancet 9 10 Unlocked after obtaining Yellow Sign
Sprite-Metaglio Left.png
Metaglio Left Channels dark powers to protect the bearer. 9 10
  • +0.1 Recovery, +5% Max Health (Max +0.8 and +47.7%)
  • The first level does not give any stats.
  • With Metaglio Right, Evolves Laurel into Crimson Shroud
Unlocked after obtaining Yellow Sign
Sprite-Metaglio Right.png
Metaglio Right Channels dark powers to curse the bearer. 9 10
  • +5% Curse (Max +40%)
  • The first level does not give any stats.
  • With Metaglio Left, Evolves Laurel into Crimson Shroud
Unlocked after obtaining Yellow Sign
Sprite-Torrona's Box.png
Torrona's Box Cursed item, but increases Might, Projectile Speed, Duration, and Area by 4%. 9 40
  • +4% Omni (Max +25%)
  • +3% Omni from level 2 to 8
  • +100% Curse at level 9
  • Omni is Might, Speed, Duration, and Area
  • Evolves Victory Sword to obtain Sole Solution
Have 6 different evolutions weapons simultaneously

Stage items

An Empty Tome lying on a stool in Inlaid Library.

On each normal Stage, certain passive items spawn on the map. Milky Way Map displays the locations of these items. Each item is guaranteed to appear at least once, but certain items have a chance of spawning more than once, depending on the starting Luck.

Stages spawn the following items:

Upon moving to an item, it can be picked up or discarded. If you already have the item, it grants a free level if not at max level. If you already have 6 or more passive items, it becomes an additional passive item and can be thereafter upgraded from level ups. If discarded, the item disappears and can no longer be picked up.