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Peppino is one of the secret playable characters in Vampire Survivors. Its starting weapon is Soul Eater.


Go to Il Molise, using Celestial Dusting to attack the plants there heals them instead. Using O'Sole will make it trivial as it does not take damage from the plants. After healing the plants for a total of 100,000 health, it plays a jingle that signals you have unlocked the character. Peppino costs Gold Coin.png 666, which scales with other characters purchased.

Passive bonuses

Peppino starts with +20 Max Health, +2 Armor, -60% Area, +100% Magnet, and mostly notably, -100% MoveSpeed. It gains an additional +10% Area on levels 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 21.

The following table shows how much Area it gains by level:

Levels Area
1 0%
2 +10%
3-4 +20%
5-7 +30%
8-12 +40%
13-20 +50%
21+ +60%


  • Peppino starts with negative Movement Speed as it is a plant, while it may be a fun challenge, starting with some mobility with PowerUp is advised.



  • The level it gains Area bonus at is the Fibonacci sequence, which is often associated in nature with plants. The next term for this sequence is the sum of the last two term, for example, 21 is 8 + 13, the next term after 21 is 13 + 21 = 34. However, Peppino will not get more stats at further terms of the sequence.
  • Peppino have one sprite only and is the only character without animation when moving.
  • Incidentally, the sprite of the arcana Mad Groove is a tree, just like Peppino. And it just so happens that this arcana is perfect for Peppino too since Peppino, being a tree, moves very slowly at best, which makes Mad Groove the ideal arcana for Peppino to get the stage items easily.
    • This is assuming that the character has either starting MoveSpeed (from PowerUps or Golden Eggs) or Wings. Otherwise, Peppino will be literally unable to move, and thus cannot collect items relocated by Mad Groove.