Vampire Survivors Wiki

Stats (short for statistics) are numerical attributes that a player has in Vampire Survivors, which affect the player's character and how the environment reacts to them. They can be seen before the player starts the game in the Character Selection menu, and in-game when paused.

All stats can be modified by PowerUps, and in addition most of them have their own passive item that provides a bonus. Also most characters have some stats with modifications to the respective base value (e.g. 100 Max Health and 30 Magnet).


There are 19 different stats that affect the player.

List of player stats
Icon Name Effect Base value Max value Modified by (in addition to PowerUp)
Sprite-Hollow Heart
Max Health Determines the maximum amount of HP for the character. 100 HP -
Recovery Determines how much HP is generated for the character per second. 0 HP/s -
Armor Determines the amount of reduced incoming damage. 0 Armor 50 (With the exception of Toastie)
MoveSpeed Modifies the movement speed of the character. 100% -
Might Modifies the damage of all attacks. 100% 1000%
(Does not affect Soul Eater or Dairy Cart)
Area Modifies the area of all attacks. 100% 1000%
Speed Modifies the movement speed of all projectiles. 100% 500%
Duration Modifies the duration of weapon effects. 100% 500%
Amount Determines the amount of extra projectiles weapons have. 0 10
Sprite-Empty Tome
Cooldown Modifies the duration of the cooldown between attacks. 100% 10%
Luck Modifies the chances of certain things, such as the drop chances of most Pickups and the chances of Treasure Chests being of higher quality. 100% -
Growth Modifies the amount of experience gained from collecting Experience Gems. 100% -
Sprite-Stone Mask
Greed Modifies the amount of gold gained from Pickups and Treasure Chests. 100% -
Sprite-Skull O'Maniac
Curse Modifies the enemies speed, health, quantity and frequency. 100% -
Magnet Determines the radius inside which Experience Gems and Pickups are collected. 30 -
Revival Determines the amount of Extra Lives the player has. 0 -

(10 for Phieraggi)

Reroll Determines how many times the player can reroll level-up rewards. 0 -
Skip Determines how many times the player can skip level-up rewards. 0 -
Banish Determines how many times the player can banish level-up rewards. 0 -
Charm Increases the quantity of enemy waves by a flat amount. 0 -


  • Leveled up weapons may have boosted properties identical to existing player stats, but they only affect that specific weapon's behavior. Player stats are usually multipliers on top of their base stats and sometimes stats that are increased by level ups may not be affected by the corresponding player stat.