Vampire Survivors Wiki

After collecting the Trisection which is located in Astral Stair, the player can choose to turn on "Random Events" in the level select screen. This option can be found in a new extra window to the left of the normal stage modifiers.

Activating this will cause a three-ring roulette of the different masks of The Directer to appear at the bottom right corner and select a random event for the player. This happens at every XX:30 mark, where the three rings will start rotating and selecting a random event, which will then trigger at the next XX:00 mark.

This effect is turned on by default on Astral Stair, until you pick up the Trisection, after which the stage can also be played without random events.

The exact number of possible events is not yet certain, but some of these events include:

Event Effect
Pet Creates a big ring of hearts around the player, each healing them for 2 hit points.
Candybox Puts a Candybox on the floor near the player, enabling them to add any weapon they want to their inventory.
Firebreathing Gives the player the Nduja Fritta Tanto powerup.
Gold Fever Starts a Gold Fever.
Pile Assault Summons a ring of Twin Snakes around the player that shoot fireballs at them, just like in Dairy Plant. Disappears after 1 minute.
Mino Rush The player gets rushed by several groups of Mignotaurs, just like in Dairy Plant, for ~30 seconds.
Scorpion Lair Summons rows of big Twin Skulls to the left and right of the player. They disappear after 1 minute.
Rosary Activates the Rosary effect, killing every enemy on screen, unless they are immune to it.
Flower Wall Summons a circular Flower Wall around the player that slowly closes in on them. Disappears after ~50 seconds.
Panic Time Summons several rings of Poltergeists (both candelabra and gem-like) and Red Shades around the player that close in on them.
Free Passive Puts a random passive item near the player. It is currently unknown if any items are excluded.
Summon II Molise Replaces all enemies with random plant enemies from Il Molise. These don't move and don't give a lot of experience points. Lasts for ~2 minutes.
The Drowner Summons the Drowner, who fills the stage with damaging water from the bottom up, for ~1 minute.
Light Sources Similar to the random effect of Greatest Jubilee, creates several Light Sources around the player. They can contain random items (unless in Bone Zone) or gold.
Roulette Spawns a ring of poltergeists that self-destruct when the player approaches them.
Jelly Wall Summons a ring of Jellyfish surrounding the player that closes in and moves away from them.
The Stalker Summons the Stalker that slowly follows the player for ~2 minutes. Greatly speeds up at fixed intervals and deals very high damage.
Ultra Wave Increases the enemy spawn rate for 1 minute.
Chicken Bonanza Creates a ring of Floor Chickens around the player, each one healing for 30 hit points.
Crab Fest Summons hordes of Non-Giant Enemy Crabs that run towards the player in a fixed direction.
Shooting Stars Summons groups of shooting stars at the player.
Luck Boost Permanently increases the player's luck by 50%.
Summon Night Replaces all enemies with different kinds of bats for ~1 minute.
Bat Swarm The player gets rushed by several swarms of small bats, just like in Mad Forest, for ~30 seconds.
Skull Swarm Summons a swarm of Skullones that fly toward the player in a fixed direction.
Jelly Swarm Summons a swarm of Jellyfish that float toward the player in a fixed direction.
Shrimp Swarm Summons several Serpentine Dragon Shrimps that fly in wave-like patterns through the room.
Merdusa Swarm Summons a swarm of Sneaky Heads that fly in a fixed direction toward the player.
Green Swarm Summons a swarm of Musc Musc that float toward the player in a fixed direction.
Ghost Swarm Summons a swarm of Ghostly Apparitions that fly toward the player in a fixed direction.
Imp Swarm Summons a swarm of Impefingers that fly toward the player in a fixed direction.
Skeleton Swarm Summons a swarm of Skeletons that move toward the player in a fixed direction.

There might be more events.