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Sammy is one of the playable characters in Vampire Survivors. Its starting weapon is the Vicious Hunger.


Sammy is unlocked by defeating a total of 6,000 Sammy the Caterpillar. It needs to be purchased for Sprite-Gold Coin 300,000, which scales with other characters purchased.

Alternatively, Sammy can be unlocked in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane by casting the Spell "happybirthday".

Passive bonuses[]

Sammy starts with +2 Recovery and -60% Might. It gains an additional +10% Might on levels 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 21.

It also has longer Gold Fevers by multiplying its duration cap and duration extension from Gold pickups by 1.25.

It modifies the goldChance of Vicious Hunger, setting it to a base of 0.165; originally it would have been between 0.005 to 0.01 based on the damage of Gatti Amari from eating Floor Chicken. Every level, its Vicious Hunger's goldChance will increase by +0.005 until a max of 0.65 at level 98. This chance is multiplied by Luck to get the final chance of transmuting defeated enemies and pickups into gold. For reference, goldChance of 1 is 100% chance for gold transmutation.

At level 30, it triggers a Gold Fever automatically and switches the background music to play Happy Birthday.

Whenever Sammy picks up coins, it will gain experience as well. The experience gained from coins bypasses Game Killer (0) multiplying Growth by 0. Which means it can still level up with the Arcana. Each gold is converted to exp 1:1, multiplied by the stage gold multiplier, Greed, and also Growth.


  • There are only two known places in Lake Foscari where Sammies spawn regularly enough to kill 6000 of them (see gallery for map). While they can be found elsewhere, their spawn rate is so low that it would take hundreds of runs to kill the 6000 required.
  • Sammy is the best character for gold farming with all of its passive bonuses, almost guaranteeing each enemy drops gold coins when killed with Vicious Hunger, which allows it to level up quickly with all of the gold earned.
    • For gold farming Sammy should use Disco of Gold (IV), Sarabande of Healing (VI), and a Greatest Jubilee from a Candybox, along with Limit Break on. This is the most optimal way to farm gold to obtain more Golden Eggs.
      • Previously Vicious Hunger used to cause a massive performance loss when Limit Broken or at high Golden Egg counts, which led to Trouser being the preferred gold farm character. This issue has since been fixed, but Vicious Hunger can still cause some frame rate drops. As long as your game isn't crashing it is still better to use Sammy over Trouser.



  • The level it gains Might bonus at is the Fibonacci sequence, similar to Peppino's Area. The next term for this sequence is the sum of the last two term, for example, 21 is 8 + 13, the next term after 21 is 13 + 21 = 34. However, Sammy will not get more stats at further terms of the sequence.
  • In the code, the name for the function that levels Sammy up is "AddXP_IgnoretGameKiller", so it is fully intentional that coins cause it to level up.
  • Sammy appears to be a reference to Colin the Caterpillar, a roll cake popular in the UK, often bought for birthday parties.