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Sir Ambrojoe is one of the playable characters in Vampire Survivors. His starting weapon is La Robba.


The player can unlock this character by killing a total of 6000 Stage Killer and Elite Stage Killer (per save, cumulative over multiple runs), then purchasing with Gold Coin.png 500, which scales with other characters purchased.

Alternatively, Ambrojoe can be unlocked in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane by casting the Spell "languorino".

Passive bonuses

Ambrojoe starts with +10 Amount, but loses 2 Amount every level until level 6, in which the Amount bonus is reduced to +0. He then gains +1 Amount every 20 levels until level 60. The maximum Amount gained this way is +3.

The following table shows how much Amount they gain by level:

Levels Amount
1 +10
2 +8
3 +6
4 +4
5 +2
6-19 0
20-39 +1
40-59 +2
60+ +3


  • Ambrojoe shares a similar passive with Mortaccio, Cavallo, Ramba, and O'Sole, though he differs in stats, starting bonus, and starting weapons.



  • Ambrojoe has the highest Amount in the game with their starting bonus, combining with the Amount PowerUp to a total of +11 Amount. However, due to the stat reaching its cap, only up to 10 projectiles are added to all applicable weapons.
    • Ambrojoe, alongside Mortaccio, Cavallo, Ramba, and O'Sole, are able to get the highest persistent Amount in the game at level 60+, with 2 levels of Duplicator and the Amount PowerUp, adding a total of 6 projectiles to all applicable weapons.
  • Ambrojoe's code name, "Ambrogio," is a common name for a butler or chauffeur in old Italian movies.
    • His weapon is La Robba, which is a Kinder Surprise Egg and made by the company Ferrero SpA. An old commercial for Ferrero Rocher, another chocolate made by the same company, has a chauffeur called Ambrogio.
  • Ambrojoe is inspired by one of the stories from "Scriptures of Delphi", where an Italian adventurer, Ambrogio got cursed and blessed by Greek Gods and Goddesses to slowly become more vampire like.