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Soul Eater is a weapon in Vampire Survivors. It is the evolution of Garlic, requiring Pummarola. It is also the starting weapon of Peppino.


Soul Eater places a black aura with a pulsing visual effect around the player, dealing damage to every enemy who is inside of it.

Soul Eater has a big increase in Area and an increase in Base Damage.

Cooldown acts similar to Hitbox Delay for the Soul Eater. Damage will be dealt instantly to an enemy if they have never been in the circle before, after which they cannot be hit by it again until the Soul Eater's Cooldown is over, even if they temporarily leave its area.

Enemies hit by Soul Eater will take more knockback and be more vulnerable to freeze. If the enemy is not immune to debuff, each hit applies +0.3 knockback to the enemy until the maximum knockback they can take and -0.1 to freeze resistance until it reaches 0.

Soul Eater gains +1 damage every 60 health points healed, capping at +60 damage or 3600 health points healed. This damage is just a flat increase and does not benefit from Might. The source of the healing to boost Soul Eater's damage does not matter, passive Recovery, the healing from Floor Chicken, even the heal from Revival counts toward damage healed. However, only healing that actually takes place is accounted, meaning that healing at max health is not counted for.

Soul Eater has a chance to generate little hearts that heal 1 point of health upon killing an enemy. This chance is unaffected by Luck. Instead, it is based on how strong the attack is: If the damage dealt divided by 7, then multiplied by 0.15 is greater than a randomly generated value between 0 and 1, a little heart will spawn.


Selecting Sarabande of Healing (VI) Arcana allows Soul Eater's little hearts to heal 2 points of health and trigger a pulse dealing the same amount of damage.

Tragic Princess (III) reduces the Cooldown when the character is moving.


With Limit Break, Soul Eater can be further leveled up.

Description Rarity Max Total
Might +1%[1] 10 -
Area +2.5% 10 -


See Combos for a list of all item interactions.

Stats and passive items

Sprite-Hollow Heart.png Sprite-Empty Tome.png Sprite-Bracer.png Sprite-Candelabrador.png Sprite-Clover.png Sprite-Spellbinder.png Sprite-Spinach.png Sprite-Pummarola.png Sprite-Attractorb.png Sprite-Armor.png Sprite-Duplicator.png
Sprite-Soul Eater.png
✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Sprite-Crown.png Sprite-Tiragisú.png Sprite-Stone Mask.png Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png Sprite-Wings.png Sprite-Candelabrador.png Sprite-Spellbinder.png
Sprite-Silver Ring.png
Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png
Sprite-Gold Ring.png
Sprite-Hollow Heart.png Sprite-Pummarola.png
Sprite-Metaglio Left.png
Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png
Sprite-Metaglio Right.png
Sprite-Bracer.png Sprite-Candelabrador.png Sprite-Spellbinder.png Sprite-Spinach.png Sprite-Skull O'Maniac.png
Sprite-Torrona's Box.png


Sprite-Game Killer.png Sprite-Gemini.png Sprite-Twilight Requiem.png Sprite-Tragic Princess.png Sprite-Awake.png Sprite-Chaos in the Dark Night.png Sprite-Sarabande of Healing.png Sprite-Iron Blue Will.png Sprite-Mad Groove.png Sprite-Arcana back desaturated.png Sprite-Beginning.png
Sprite-Soul Eater.png ✔️ ✔️
✔️ N/A
Sprite-Waltz of Pearls.png Sprite-Out of Bounds.png Sprite-Arcana back desaturated.png Sprite-Jail of Crystal.png Sprite-Disco of Gold.png Sprite-Slash.png Sprite-Lost & Found Painting.png Sprite-Boogaloo of Illusions.png Sprite-Heart of Fire.png Sprite-Silent Old Sanctuary.png Sprite-Arcana back desaturated.png
N/A ✔️
  1. Higher Max Health does not increase amount healed. However, any healing benefits from a bigger buffer of health
  2. Bonus damage from healing is unaffected by Might
  3. Damage healed from any sources increase Soul Eater's base damage, including heal from Recovery
  4. Damage healed from any sources increase Soul Eater's base damage, including heal from Revival
  5. Makes the weapon fire more rapidly when moving from Tragic Princess (III)
  6. Affected by Area
  7. Affected by Recovery
  8. Affected by Might and Area
  9. Indirectly affected by bonuses to Might and Area
  10. Indirectly affected by bonuses to Area
  11. Indirectly affected by bonuses to Might and Cooldown


  • The debuffs applied by Soul Eater are its most useful ability late game. Strong enemies that take multiple hits to kill will be easier to keep at bay thanks to increased knockback, and some boss enemies can become vulnerable to freezing when kept in the circle for long enough.
    • Combined with a weapon to constantly knock enemies away, such as Unholy Vespers or Mannajja, Soul Eater can enable the player to sit entirely still.
    • Clock Lancet has natural synergy with Soul Eater; Soul Eater decreases the enemy's resistance to freezing, allowing the Clock Lancet to freeze bosses, and even very powerful frozen enemies can easily be killed by keeping the Soul Eater's area of effect over them.
  • Soul Eater works well when paired with the Attractorb, as enemies that die instantly to the Soul Eater may drop experience just out of reach of the player.
  • Soul Eater's aura can kill most weak enemies instantly. Killing swarms of weak enemies can lead to windfalls little hearts which can increase the damage output of Soul Eater.
  • Because Soul Eater does not count any healing at max health, you have to occasionally take damage and heal back up in order to gain stacks. Due to this, it does not pair well with Laurel. With Bloody Tear, Hollow Heart (the passive item required to evolve Whip) and Armor, the player can take less risk in taking a lot of damage, just to heal up easily to empower Soul Eater.