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Tirajisú is a passive item in Vampire Survivors. It is unlocked by surviving for 20 minutes as Krochi Freetto.

Tirajisú increases Revival by 1 per level.

Tirajisú is required for the evolution and union of Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow, Phieraggi.

Tirajisú can be found as a stage item in Cappella Magna, Moongolow, and Boss Rash.


Tirajisú has 2 levels. At max level, Tirajisú provides +2 Revival.

Level 1 "Revives once with 50% health."
Level 2 Adds 1 Revival.


  • Tirajisú is a powerful tool that can save runs. While it provides no benefit until you die, it can save the player from sloppy mistakes and being suddenly overwhelmed.
  • Tirajisú are especially useful when playing as characters with less survivability, such as Exdash and Toastie.
  • With Phieraggi, Revivals increases Amount and Base Damage of the weapon. Any use of Revivals will decrease the bonuses and make the weapon less effective. Consider conserving Revivals before fully using it up to create an empty passive item slot.
    • Since Tirajisú is not a permanent passive item like any else, you may used up all the Revivals from PowerUp and the passive item before evolving Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow. This can be extremely detrimental as the base weapons are not the strongest and it will take up two slots which could encompass better options.
  • Tirajisú can be useful for runs where the goal is to survive as long as possible against Death, and can greatly extend runs when paired with other defensive measures.
  • Tirajisú can be useful for gathering loot otherwise unobtainable before Death ends the run. Even 1 revival can allow the player to get a few more levels or one extra Treasure Chest.
  • Tirajisú should be considered against alternative Health boosting options, such as the Pummarola and Hollow Heart. It may be worth taking them over the Tirajisú if the player has the weapons they evolve.
  • If you die with Tirajisú and haven't fully upgraded it, it will disappear from the inventory but you can get it again through a level up. The level cap resets and you can repeat it as many time as you like. However, due to its low rarity, repeating this mechanic consistently is unlikely.
  • Tirajisú will only be removed from the inventory when the last Revive is used up. If you extended your accessory limit with floor items, the slot that Tirajisú had taken up will be filled by the next exceeding item.
  • Tirajisú will be removed from your inventory after using all other Revival sources, including the Revival Power-Up, Awake (IV) Arcana, and Revival from character stats.
  • With the stage item, the player can still get it after the original Tirajisú is used up and it gives you one more Revival. However, it cannot be leveled up.


  • Tirajisú is a pun based on the famous Italian dessert cake Tiramisú, literally 'pull/lift-me-up' (tira-mi-sú) a pick-me-up. It is most likely a portmanteau with Gesù, the Italian form of the name Jesus, hence it is resurrecting instead of being a simple upper.
  • Prior to patch 1.8, Tirajisú was named "Tiragisú", likely based on the spelling of Gesù, and likely changed to clarify the pronunciation.
  • Tirajisú and Duplicator are the only passive items with max level 2 instead of the usual 5.
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