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Toastie is one of the secret playable characters in Vampire Survivors. Its starting weapon is Peachone.


Sprite-Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane "2) Uppercut a non-red reaper."

As a prerequisite, you will need to cast a spell that unlocks Exdash. You will not be able to unlock Toastie if you unlocked Exdash by collecting Little Clover.

There a few ways to unlock Toastie. Two of them are:

Hard Way:
The player can unlock this character by killing either The Stalker, The Drowner, or The Trickster. After their defeat, Toastie should appear on screen for half a second. Press the Down Arrow + Enter key combination while Toastie is on screen. The S key (down for WASD players) does not count. When successful, a jingle will be played.

Easy Way:
Go to the Inverse Inlaid Library, then go all the way to the right, past the Gold Ring, until you find The Trickster hanging out at a piano. If you keep going just a little bit further right, you should hear a strange, childish voice, and see "Toastie" at the bottom right of the screen. As soon as you hear that voice, hit Enter and the Down Arrow! On the PC, using a keyboard emulator (like JoyToKey), you can map "Enter + Down Arrow" to any button your gamepad to make this even easier. Rumor has it that Toastie will keep reappearing (and making that voice), so it should be easy to hit the keys in time.

Alternatively, Toastie can be unlocked in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane by casting the Spell "tramezzini" after Exdash has been unlocked.

Passive bonuses[]

Toastie starts with -99 Max Health, +20% MoveSpeed, -10% Might, -10% Area, -50% Speed, -10% Duration, +10% Cooldown and +100% Luck. Additionally, Toastie gains more Luck, Max Health and Armor at certain levels:

Level Luck Max Health Armor
1-9 +0% - -
10-19 +20% - -
20-29 +40% - -
30-39 +60% - -
40-49 +80% - -
50-99 +100% - -
100-199 +100% +9998 -
200+ +100% +9998 +65520


  • At 1 Max Health in the beginning, any enemies that touches Toastie results in an instant death. Toastie does have +20% additional Move Speed to be able to maneuver past enemies much easier.
  • Upgrading Max Health and Armor from PowerUps can allow Toastie to be able to take hits from early game enemies.
  • Awake (IV) Arcana is a must have in case of accidentally dying by mistake in the very beginning, but also granting Armor to reduce damage from the Reaper after Toastie becomes level 200.
    • Tiragisú also helps Toastie survive early game and can boost the benefits from the Awake (IV) Arcana.
  • Divine Bloodline (IX) Arcana can be used to increase Max Health by killing enemies with retaliatory damage. Tanking early enemies with retaliatory damage builds up massive Max Health, allowing for instant kills by Level 100 with uncapped flat damage boost per missing HP.
    • Heart of Fire (XIX) Arcana, Victory Sword and Night Sword allow Toastie to increase Max Health immediately.
    • Reaching Level 100 increases Max Health dramatically. Thousands extra HP before augmentations like Hollow Heart or Metaglio Left passive items.
    • Divine Bloodline (IX) gives '+1 flat damage boost per 10 missing HP below Max Health' for all weapons.
    • Depending on final Max Health and the gap between current health, the flat damage boost can reach into the thousands or even millions of damage.
  • Laurel can also be useful for surviving early, but is less effective than combining the Awake (IV) and Divine Bloodline (IX) Arcana.
  • At Level 100, Toastie becomes nearly unkillable, excluding engaging the Reaper.
  • At Level 200, Toastie can withstand the Reaper's damage. Against the Reaper, Toastie can survive, as he only takes 15 damage before other Armor stat increases. Addition Armor increases from Awake (IV) with Tiragisú revivals, the Armor PowerUp, and the Armor passive item can lead to Toastie only taking 1 damage from the Reaper.
    • With Awake (IV), +1 Armor from Revival PowerUp, +3 from Awake (IV), and +2 from Tiragisú (Toastie has to die six times).
    • +5 Armor from the Armor passive item.
    • +3 Armor from Armor PowerUp.
  • Getting to breakpoints of level 100 or 200 within a 30 minute stage time limit can be extremely difficult. Items that increase Growth and Curse like Skull O'Maniac, Crown, Gorgeous Moon, and Luminaire Tides Of The Foscari DLC can help with reaching level 200 faster.
  • With +100% Luck, it can help to increase the odds of higher quality chests.



Toastie popup ingame

Toastie popup ingame

  • When a Stalker or Drowner is defeated after casting the spell to unlock Exdash, Toastie will show up on the bottom right corner yelling "Panini" (its code name).
  • Toastie's name is a reference to the Mortal Kombat series. In the original games, when performing the uppercut, a high damage move, sound designer Dan Forden will appear at the bottom right of the screen and exclaim "Toasty!"
  • The strange method of unlocking the character is also a reference to Mortal Kombat II, where to fight the hidden character Smoke, players would have to play on a specific stage and wait for Dan Forden to appear and say "Toasty" before pressing Down + Start.
  • Toastie is the only case of a character bypassing a player stat cap. Armor which normally has a maximum value of 50 does not apply to Toastie. This also extends to playing Toastie with large amounts of Golden Eggs.