Vampire Survivors Wiki

Staff of the Vampire Survivors Wiki are volunteers and trusted users who are given additional tools to help maintain and improve the wiki. If you have a question, query, or concern, contact one of our staff members on their profile wall and they will be sure to help where they can.

List of staff


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Staff groups

Group Description Rights
Bureaucrat Managers of the staff team as well as the wiki. Promotion and demotion of all users
All permissions of "Administrator"
Administrator Well-established and trusted users who are generally chosen by the community and perform wiki upkeep on a larger scale. Blocking of users and IP addresses
Interface and editing of MediaWiki CSS
Promotion and demotion for thread moderators
Editing of the community skin and theme
All permissions of "Content Moderator"
All permissions of "Thread Moderator"
Content Moderator Trusted users who have additional tools available to moderate specific parts of the community, including article content. Editing and moving protected pages
Deleting and restoring pages
Ability to quickly 'rollback' vandalism or spam
Protecting and un-protecting pages
Thread Moderator
Discussions Moderator
Trusted users who have additional tools available to manage conversations in various features across the community where users are having discussions (i.e. talk pages). Deleting and restoring threads and replies
Closing and reopening replies
Managing discussion categories and moving posts between categories
Deleting blog comments
Editing and deleting article comments
Moderating the discussion area
Rollbacker Users who have demonstrated anti-vandalism edits and would like to continue to revert vandalism and spamming. Ability to quickly 'rollback' vandalism or spam

Becoming a staff member

You do not need staff rights to contribute to the wiki. Creating files and pages, marking candidates for deletion, undoing vandalism, improving articles, and discussing the subject on talk pages are all liberties of normal users.

Staff members are picked from trusted users within the community. Users with without enough meaningful contributions to the Vampire Survivors Wiki and other Fandom communities will generally not be considered for any staff position.